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Power HD

Power HD S25 Servo

Power HD S25 Servo

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Servos feature all-aluminum housings in a 2-tone anodising that is available with silver, red or gold-colour details while the geartrains are made up using high-quality aluminum and steel gears. Japanese Noble potentiometers ensure highest possible precision and an updated PCB supports SSR and SUR modes. 

Operating Voltage 6.0v 7.4v 8.4v
Torque 21.5 kg-cm (298.6 oz/in) 25.0 kg-cm (347.2 oz/in) 30.0 kg-cm (416.6 oz/in)
Speed 0.075 sec 0.060 sec 0.055 sec
Bearing Type Ball Bearing x 2
Motor Type Brushless Motor
Gear Type Titanium & Steel
Working frequency 1520μs / 333hz
Operating temperature -20℃~60℃
Weight 75.0 g (2.65 oz)
Size 40.7 x 20.5 x 38.6 mm ( 1.60 x 0.81 x 1.52 in)
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