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Ultra Power

Ultra Power UP11 Battery Charger

Ultra Power UP11 Battery Charger

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  • Multiple input modes
  • IPS HD colour screen
  • Charge 4 different types of batteries independently and simultaneously
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled fan
  • 5V/2.1A standard USB socket for charging different devices
  • Multiple intelligent protections for safe charging
  • Built-in multiple languages

Product Information

The Ultra Power UP11 240W Charger has intelligent features for safe and efficient charging. The maximum power can reach 240W in AC mode and 600W in DC mode. It features a 32-bit ARM chip, high-accuracy charging management, and balance precision within 0.005V, which will protect your battery automatically under various accident circumstances. To ensure safe charging, the UP11 has multiple intelligent protections, including:

  • Over-current protection

  • Over-voltage protection

  • Reverse connect protection

  • Short-circuit protection

  • Thermal protection

  • Flame retardant material

  • Multiple languages


Input Voltage
AC: 100 - 240V
DC: 11.0 - 18.0V
Output Voltage
0.1 - 26.1V
Charging Current
0.1 - 12.0A
Discharge Current
0.1 - 5.0A
Charge Power
DC: CH1 (240W), CH2 (120W), CH3 (120W), CH4 (120W)
AC: CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4 - 240W
Support power distribution
Balance Accuracy
< 0.005V
Balance Current
Max: 500mA / cell
Discharge Power
4 x 10W
Support Battery Types
LiHv (Support 4.45V Battery)
LiPo / LiFe / LiIon (1 - 6S)
NiMH / NiCd (1 - 16S)
Pb (Lead Acid) 2 - 24V (1 - 12S)
LCD Screen Type
320 x 240 (2.4-inch) IPS LCD
175 x 135 x 69 mm
1 kg
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