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Dasmikro Sanwa DSK-482 FH-3/FH-4 Receiver

Dasmikro Sanwa DSK-482 FH-3/FH-4 Receiver

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This is the Dasmikro Sanwa Antenna-free Receiver Version 3
This receiver unit is Sanwa high speed FHSS-4 and FHSS-3 compatible

Compared to Version 2, Version 3 has the below changes:
1. Changed to ultra small and smart look style high quality receiver box.
2. Improved Gold-Plated Terminals
3. Improved PCB Antenna Design

1. Sanwa 2.4GHz FH3/FH4 Selectable Via Transmitter
2. High performance CPU enhance precision control feeling
3. 4 channel support
4. Micro size (Antenna-Free: 18.2×20.2×27.4mm)
5. Added failsafe function
6. Operating Voltage 3.5V – 8.4V:
7. Weight: 5g
8. Battery Voltage Fail-Safe Limit: 3.5-5.0V (FH3) / 3.5-7.4V (FH4)
Compatible Transmitters:
Sanwa M17
Sanwa M12S
Sanwa M12
Sanwa MT44
Sanwa MT4S
Sanwa MT4
Sanwa M11X

1. Turn on transmitter, enter [BIND] to be bind mode.
2. Connect BIND plug in BIND port then turn on receiver.
3. LED will change from slow flashing blue to fast flashing blue.
4. Turn off receiver, remove BIND plug, then turn on.
5. Finish BIND mode on transmitter.

While we are super confident in the performance of these receivers we cannot guarantee the same performance as the official Sanwa line so use at your discretion.

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