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Matrix Front Five Light 32 RC Model Tyres

Matrix Front Five Light 32 RC Model Tyres

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Matrix R&D and testing department have released a new version of the most used Five rim. Several improvement have been achieved in term of total grip and handling.
The new solution has been developed exploring different areas:

A new rim material showed more consistent behavior through long run with less perfomance drop, especially on traction side

The new front width allows to achieve higher apex speed and provide an ‘easy and smooth’ feeling on steering

The new rear offset improve rear stability on traction and faster transition.

New front rim design:
• Wider contact patch;
• Improve cornering entry smoothness;
• Improve mid corner steering;
• Improve traction on exit;
• Less wear;
• No track adjustment needed.

New rear rim design:
• Offset plane moved outside;
• Allow to use bigger arm length (following actual trend of car manufactuer);
• Allow to use narrower track if necessary;
• Improve traction on exit and car predictability on throttle;
• Track adjustment needed!

The wheels are available for front and rear in Light, Carbon, Precision and Flex versions.
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