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Plaig: Mugen MTC2R Bearing Pro Racers V2C Kit incl/rollbar

Plaig: Mugen MTC2R Bearing Pro Racers V2C Kit incl/rollbar

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Mugen MTC2R Bearing Kits, Multiple options are available on this listing, the drop down box above will give you all available options.
This car has the following Bearings:

3x6x2.5mm Bearings X 9 (5 Belt Tensioner, 4 Roll Bars)
5x8x2.5mm Bearings X 5 (4 Diff Internal, 1 Centre Gear)
6x10x3mm Bearings X 9 (8 Wheels, 1 Centre Gear)
10x15x4mm Bearings X 4 (2 Solid Axle & 2 Diff)

Pro Racers V2C Kit – Complete Bearing Kit with V2 Premium Wheel Bearings, Ceramic Drivetrain Bearings

This kit includes the Belt Tensioner &  roll bar bearings


Pro Racers V2C Kit

This kit was developed with the assistance of our Team Drivers. We found that Ceramic wheel bearings do not last as long as steel bearings, due to the hardness of ceramic balls and the conditions that wheel bearings endure, premature wear of the steel rings was found to be common in comparison to our V2 Premium Steel Bearings. Another factor is that wheel bearings generally spin 4 times slower than the driveline (dependant on gear ratio’s), Ceramic bearings are most advantageous at higher speeds, therefore there is less advantage to using them in the wheels. This was the result for both onroad and offroad cars across different platforms, offroad cars are more harsh on wheel bearings in terms of the impacts they face when landing jumps and riding through rough surfaces, onroad cars endure less bumps but more high speed cornering which places high loads on the balls and races, in all cases we found that ceramic bearings would prematurely wear compared to V2 Premium steel bearings when used in the wheels. Ceramic Bearings perform very well in spur gears and diffs with no performance or longevity issues. Another advantage, the V2C Kit is cheaper than a full ceramic kit.

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