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Rush VR3 28X Slick HighPrecision White Rim

Rush VR3 28X Slick HighPrecision White Rim

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LIGHTYEAR RC are proud to stock the rush tire range of X compound tires. The X compound is specifically designed for use without traction compound and is proven to work well on all New Zealand tracks.

For best results you need to run the tire compound to suit the track temperature, speed of the car and track abrasiveness.

20X (Ultra Soft)   - Suitable for extremely cold track temperature

24X (Super Soft   - Suitable for cold track temperature

28X (Soft)            - Suitable for moderate track temperature

32X (Medium)     - Suitable for warm track temperature

36X (Hard)           - Suitable for hot track temperature

40X (Super Hard) - Suitable for extremely hot track temperature.


For: 1/10 RC Touring

  • Material: Rubber / Plastic

  • Color: White

  •  Tire Tread: Slick

  • Rim Style: High Precision (Dish)
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