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SUNPADOW Competition Lipo Battery 6300mAh-14.8V-4S2P

SUNPADOW Competition Lipo Battery 6300mAh-14.8V-4S2P

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6300mAh 14.84S Competition Battery finished product size is 48.2*47*138mm, weight is about 596g, used in 1/8 electric buggy, GT competition. The products use an integrated hard shell design with a built-in balanced plug, which is more convenient and reliable during use and charging, and the discharge curve is smoother. It has better control consistency in the first half and the second half of the event.

SUNPADOW 6300mAh-4S2P-14.8V-130C/65C LiPo Battery 


  • Product Code:JA0007     
  • Product Name:6300-4S2P-14.8V-130C/65C
  • Configuration:4S2P
  • Capacity:6300mAh
  • Voltage:14.8V
  • Plug:5.0MM
  • Constant Rate:65C
  • Burst Rate:130C
  • Dimensions:  48.2*47*138MM   
  • Weight:596g
  • Available for:1/8 electric buggy、GT
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