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Xtreme Aerodynamics 1/8 Body Stiffeners

Xtreme Aerodynamics 1/8 Body Stiffeners

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Keeping the aerodynamic and structural integrity of your 1:8 On-road body intact is an essential part of high-level racing.

Instead of the standard flat die-cut heavyweight lexan, Xtreme 1:8 Aero Kit features stiffening contours molded directly into lightweight lexan for uncompromised rigidity.

Also included in the kit is a rear spoiler/gurney strip. The spoiler is die-cut & bent to size with 20mm slots for adjustability in different track conditions.


    Molded-in contours for uncompromised stiffness

    Extremely lightweight

    Easy to install

    Conveniently pre-cut

    Adjustable rear spoiler



    Die-cut rear spoiler (1 pc)

    Spoiler mounting hardware (4 pcs)

    Rear Stiffener (2 pc)

    Medium side stiffeners (2 pcs)

    Small side stiffeners (2 pcs)

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